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Beauty Treatments

Our masseuse is on your disposal everyday by appointment during the following hours: 9.00- 11.30 a.m. 2.30 - 7.00 p.m. Wednesday day off

  • Appointments can be made directly at the SPA or at reception.
  • We kindly ask you to cancel or request a change in the treatment you have booked at least 24 hours in advance. All cancellations not received by this deadline and in the event of non-attendance will be charged in full for the treatment booked.
  • We kindly ask you to inform your therapist of your needs and health problems so that she can carry out the booked treatment safely and optimally for your health.
  • Massages can be used only from 16 years and with the consent of a parent.
We wish you relaxing moments in our wellness area...

NEW Complete relaxation in our new floating bed

In the absence of gravity – a „dry“ experience without having to get wet!

In our special floating bed you are going to experience a feeling of deep relaxation. The body can start to unwind and produce beneficial substances such as endorphins that help to eliminate stress. The muscles relax and the blood circulation improves. Scientific studies credit also other benefits like the reduction fo pain, improved sleep quality and the production of serotonin, a natural antidepressant.


Full body massage

For the relaxation of the musculature and stimulation by rubbing, manual manipolation and stimulation. Effects: improvement of the circulatory system, soothing of muscle tensions and detoxification. 

50 min | 80,00 €

Partial body massage

made with mixed essential oils where you can decide between the back and the nape or the legs and the feet.

25 min | 52,00 €


Hot Stone Massage

Deep relaxing massage performed with warm basalt stones and precious essentials oils, particularly following large physical or psychological stress. Improves the activation of the energy flow.

50 min | 85,00 €



Shiatsu is a japanese acupressure method that rebalances the body in depth. it has beneficial effects on axiety and stress, and it improves posture and gait.

the shiatsu therapist applies digital pressure along meridian pathways to allow energy to flow harmoniously and release vitality. it is indicated for neck and muscle pain and balances the emotional-energetic sphere.

50 min | 100,00 € + ZEROBODY RELAX - 30 MIN |60,00 €

Hawaiian massage

The hawaiian massage is a shamanic ritual. kahuna shamans understood the connection between physical health and mental health. according to their belief, energy needs to continuously flow through our presence. with this rhythmic and deep massage, they use fluid movements that give the person receiving it the impression of being in the midst of gentle waves of the sea.

50 min | 90,00 €

Pinda Sweda massage

A special Ayurvedic treatment that promotes intensive muscle relaxation. Thanks to the medicinal herbs contained in the pads and the heat emitted, an important relaxing and pain-relieving function is fulfilled.

50 min | 90,00 €


Thai massage: a journey with body and mind through time and space.

in the purest traditional version, one can treat mild ailments and experience the beneficial effects of millennia-old knowledge on the skin, muscles, and joints. this knowledge, through pressures, palms, and twists, seeks to unite the mental and physical dimensions.

the compressions and acupressure exerted reactivate the venous and lymphatic circuits. mobilizations and deep stretching decontract muscles by optimizing postural joint movements.

50 min + 10 min ZEROBODY RELAX | 100,00 €

Antistress massage

Antistress massage Traditional massage for relaxation, regeneration, soothing of muscle tension and entire musculoskeletal system. it helps to fight the daily stress

50 min | 85,00 €

Facial massage

An intensive facial massage provides deep relaxation for your maximum efficiency of the powerful active agents.

20 min | 57,00 €

Vital face treatment

Facial cleansing, scrub/peeling, special serum, nourishing facial mask and finally a modulating facial massage with cream.

50 min | 90,00 €

Seaweed body treatment

The reducing action on cellulite and localized fat optained thanks to the shock action of the active ingredients of seaweed that activate the metabolism of fat cells and the drainage of excess fluids and improve microcirculation and skin elasticity. Applied to the legs, buttocks and abdomen, and finally a partial lymphatic treatment.

70 min | 120,00

Body peeling + pennyworth body pack + draining massage

Through the combination of peeling, half pack and half massage, the Centella has a very firming effect on the skin's appearance. The formation of new peripheral blood vessels is promoted and the skin's own collagen production is stimulated. It has a relaxing, cooling and strengthening effect.

80 min | 115,00 €

Pennyworth body pack

Improves the circulatory system and stimulates the lymph system.

25 min | 52,00 €

Pennyworth body pack with massage

The pennyworth bodypack improves the circulatory system and stimulates the lymph system. A supportive massage removes toxins and waste products.

50 min | 82,00 €

Hay body peeling

A fine pink alpine salt is added to the hay peeling to provide deep cleansing of the skin, to stimulate regeneration of the skin and to make it appear brighter and shinier. Thanks to the peeling the skin is ideally prepared for absorbing the active agents used during this treatment.

25 min | 52,00 €

Lymph drainage

Gentle, rhythmical treatment stimulate the circulation of lymph fluid around the body. This helps to rapidly speed up the removal of wastes and toxins from a sluggish lymphatic system. Reduces the appearance of peau d’orange.

50 min | 80,00 €

Lymph drainage half body

Gentle, rhythmical treatment stimulate the circulation of lymph fluid around the body. This helps to rapidly speed up the removal of wastes and toxins from a sluggish lymphatic system.
Reduces the appearance of peau d’orange.

25 min | 40,00 €


Reflexology massage

Treatment of the chinese medicin focused on specific areas of the feet in order to relieve pain and to stimulate blood circulation.

25 min | 50,00 €