Hotel Alpe di Siusi | Hotel Santner Alpine Sport & Relax | South Tyrol
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SUSTAINABILITY … is close to our hearts … and it should be to yours!

Help us to protect our wonderful nature that is sorrounding us – for us, our children and our grandchildren!

The respect for our environment has changed our way of thinking and so we are focusing on sustainability and less waste – in combination with the comfortable atmosphere of our house – in harmony with our nature!

  • A large part of the hot water comes from the solar panel on the roof and from the heat recovery of the refrigeration system
  • The control units of the heating- sauna- and hot-water-systems are completely digitized and automated in order to waste no heating energy
  • there is a charging station for electric vehicles in our garage at Hotel Rosa
  • we are using LED bulbs and sensor based lights
  • in the bedrooms we offer a cosmetic line with pure eco-friendly products
  • we have also relaced the cleaning and washing detergents with ecologcial products
  • special dosing systems for these detergents means less waste and less pollution of the environment
  • The flowers on the balconies have an automatic watering system, thus we need less water
  • Our napkins for breakfast are made of 100% recyclable and biodegradable cotton

We try to avoid disposable items and packaging (if possible)

  • We are not offering any single disposable packages at breakfast and dinner buffets
    -> only gluten-free products must be packaged seperately and hermetically sealed
  • Our chef de cuisine only orders unpacked food
    -> except food that must be packed for hygienic reasons

… YOU can help!

We are particulary keen on reducing disposable items and therefore we need your help!

If possible, please bring your own bathroom slippers from home!
The disposable slippers that we are offering in our hotel must be thrown away after being used! Imagine how many slippers are thrown away every day in all the hotels around the world!

Maybe we should all take the time to think about our way of living – we can all make difference starting simply with things we can change in our everyday environment – with a bit of practice, it is possible for everyone – togehter we can change a lot!